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Virus and Malware removal

Malware includes a wide variety of software that can result in someone else having access/control over you computers, including smart devices. Private information, such as financial information, may be obtained by other people who may sell or exploit this information. Contrary to what many may think, fixing this can be a lengthy, painful, and expensive process.

If your machine had been infected we can clean it up the majority of the time using a wide variety of industry standard tools. On a few occasions this is not possible so the data needs to be backed up and the OS and programs need to re-installed.

Once the device is cleaned or restored we can provide you with the tools to help prevent this from happening again. Not only economical anti-malware programs but free tools, including browsers and browser plugins.

Data recovery

The information we store on a computer can be very important and have real financial value. In the unfortunate event of loss of data The Best Teks can attempt to recover the data with your approval. If it’s a case of files having been accidentally deleted or a drive formatted we use a variety of industry standard tools to try to recover the files. In the event that does not work or the drive has a physical problem we have partnered with a leading data recovery company. The drive is securely packaged and shipped to them. Upon recovery the files are posted to a secure website for your review. You only pay once you have approved the recovery based upon what you have seen. The recovered data is then placed on appropriate media, either provided by you or purchased from us at a reasonable additional cost and returned to you.

Once the data has been recovered we can provide you with the data backup solution which best suits your needs to avoid getting into another data recovery event. This include protection against new types of ransomware that encrypt your files.

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Remote & managed services

The Best Teks offers a variety of services from remote repair, when an Internet connection is present, to advanced managed services options. We can provide cloud backup and remote backup maintenance.

Web design services

The Best Teks can bring your website idea from conception to fully published and managed with updating at your direction or allow us to keep it fresh with managed content.

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email Marketing services

Working with our professional email designer and Constant Contact, we can design a regular email plan to keep your clients updated with what is going on in your business and how you can best serve them. WE’ll only send on your schedule and get approval before anything is sent out to your customers. Our Preferred Partner,Lindsay Higgins of Leave it to Lindsay,will work with you to create an email campaign designed to help you increase business and stay connected to your clients.

Computer Service And Repairs

The Best Teks fully trained technicians will come to your office or residence to repair , replace, maintain, or upgrade any systems in your home or office environment. We repair virtually all manufacturer’s computers, including Apple. We are Dell partners and can sell you new or factory refurbished Dell equipment. All new equipment (Dell or otherwise) comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty and our own 45 day labor guarantee. We warranty all service and repairs on all non-warranty equipment for 45 days. We can design and implement both wired and wireless networks, hubs switches and printing in your SOHO environment.

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to our monthly email for hints, tips, and tricks to keep your environment up and running with little hassle. We may also send out an email if a particularly invasive virus or malware hits the internet and a warning is necessary to protect your environment. We respect your privacy and will only send those emails in the event of a real and serious threat to our customers systems. We will never sell or allow your information to be used for anything except our monthly email or, on occasion, an emergency email.

On-Site Engineers

The Best Teks provides services wherever you need us and whenever you need us. We will come to your business site or your home office site. Our trained technicians can assist in every aspect of your support event from initial setup to completed services, our engineers are there 7 day a week.

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