Data recovery


The information we store on a computer can be very important and have real financial value. In the unfortunate event of loss of data The Best Teks can attempt to recover the data with your approval. If it’s a case of files having been accidentally deleted or a drive formatted we use a variety of industry standard tools to try to recover the files. In the event that does not work or the drive has a physical problem we have partnered with a leading data recovery company. The drive is securely packaged and shipped to them. Upon recovery the files are posted to a secure website for your review. You only pay once you have approved the recovery based upon what you have seen. The recovered data is then placed on appropriate media, either provided by you or purchased from us at a reasonable additional cost and returned to you.

Once the data has been recovered we can provide you with the data backup solution which best suits your needs to avoid getting into another data recovery event. This include protection against new types of ransomware that encrypt your files.